Baltic Trend

Fashion for the Baltic Sea. Hel, instead of Egypt, 60 calls for free rooms, guests from all over Europe.

Baltic trend lasts!

Holidays on the Baltic Sea have again become fashionable. After many years of travelling to warm countries for summer trips, Poles start to appreciate the values of the Polish sea again. According to research, one in three Polish families intends to spend their holidays on the Baltic Sea this year. They begin to notice that accommodation base in their home country is in no way different from hotels and guesthouses, where they had the opportunity to relax in Mediterranean resorts. Most of facilities by the Polish sea are new investments. Many of the hotels are architecturally, comfortably and amenably second to the many stars that can be seen in folders of foreign travel agencies. A number of them are located in excellent locations, directly by the sea. There is no need to march a few kilometers to the beach every day anymore; the beach is practically under the hotel.

Europe also appreciates the beauty of the Baltic Sea!

Tourists from other countries increasingly appreciate the pleasant and safe atmosphere that prevails in Poland. The people are hospitable and the country is peaceful. The risk of terrorist attacks in Mediterranean resorts has effectively dissuaded many tourists from spending their holidays there. They are increasingly looking for regions that are safe in this respect. After all, nobody wants to rest where the risk of riots or attacks is high. However, wild nature and safe weather are not the only arguments that appeal to the imagination of foreigners when planning their holiday. One of the main factors is price, which is still competitive with most Western Europe.