We invite you to familiarize yourself with the full range of SPA treatments.


Moisturizing treatment with peeling – 80 min – 180 zł

Professional treatment which is a perfect supplement of complex slimming treatment; optimally selected active ingredients ensure effectiveness for all the needs of mature skin and with excessive amount of fatty tissue. Multi-stage, holistic treatment not only activates lipolysis in the skin, but also makes it regain its firmness and elasticity.



Slimming and rejuvenating treatment – 80 min – 180 zł

Slimming and revitalizing treatment for tired skin. The ingredients contained in the preparations used in the treatment such as cherry, Japanese gingko, ginger and rice oil quickly and effectively support the processes reducing fat tissue and cellulite, stimulate both the metabolism of fibroplasts, stimulating them to synthesize collagen and elastin, and the synthesis of hyaluronic acid, causing an increase in the density and elasticity of the skin. It also improves its hydration, which makes the skin remain silky smooth and soft in touch.


Strawberry moisturizing treatment with peeling – 80 min – 180 zł

The secret of effectiveness of this extraordinary proposal for the body and senses lies in innovative combination of strength and extraordinary aroma of one of the tastiest summer fruits. Strawberries contain many ingredients that have a positive effect on health and beauty. The treatment promises to restore the skin velvety smoothness, miraculous softness, natural sensuality and fulfils this promise. Strawberry firming and moisturizing treatment on the body is a ritual that includes deep cleansing the skin, saturating it with a wealth of active ingredients, wrapping it in the smell of June morning.