Moisturizing treatment – 60 min – 130 zł

Intensively moisturizing treatment for any type of skin, especially dehydrated and dried with sun, solarium or dry air. The right combination of innovative ingredients ensures long-lasting hydration of the skin, increasing its firmness and vitality.


Refreshing and oxygenating treatment – 60 min – 130 zł

Designed for all skin types, especially those with hypoxidized, grey and tired skin. The treatment is recommended for people living in polluted environment and exposed to UV rays. The ingredients of preparations intensively oxygenate the skin, stimulate regeneration of damaged cells, reduce the negative effects of urban pollution on the skin, restoring its healthy and radiant appearance.


Soothing treatment – 60 min – 130 zł

Extremely gentle treatment for vascular, sensitive, red and irritated skin; properly selected ingredients strengthen the vessels, soothe them, bring relief and restore the feeling of comfort.