Why should I visit the Hel Peninsula?

10 reasons are as follows

Are you wondering about an ideal place to relax? Here are 10 reasons why you should choose the Hel Peninsula.

  1. Two Seas – on the one hand, the vastness of the Baltic Sea and, on the other hand, the Kashubian Small Sea – Puck Bay. This connection makes the area of Hel Peninsula an ideal place for all kinds of water recreation. Thanks to the surfing schools here, everyone can start their adventure with water sports.
  2. Beautiful Beaches – beaches of Hel Peninsula are among the most beautiful in the world. Large, covered with white fine sand, in some places they are even several dozen meters wide. They are an ideal place for catching sunlight.
  3. Coastal Landscape Park – the very creation of Hel brings a lot of riddles and interesting stories, and even legends. History has left many traces, accessible today in the form of a military route. The peninsula is still a combination of incredible Kashubian and fishing culture. It is at the end of June that you can see here a spectacular sea pilgrimage of fishermen, and in the backyards, already more rarely, but you can still find nets after the morning fishing.
  4. Amazing Landscapes – 34 km long, 300 m wide at the base, through 150 m in the narrowest place and about 3 km on the foreland – it is the Hel Peninsula, which in ranking of The World Geography is among the most amazing peninsulas in the world. It is not without reason that this area is part of the National Park, creating together with reserves a unique ecosystem, full of charming landscapes from beautiful wide beaches to high and steep cliffs. Their beauty can be admired from the mainland, water, viewing tower and even during sightseeing flights.
  5. Variety Of Attractions Not Only For Children – ports, harbors, lighthouses, an ocean park, unique settlement of seal hunters, water parks, and for older children the fortification route – is only the beginning of a long list of Władysławowo and Hel Peninsula attractions. Adults can enjoy summer concerts of the Polish stars, and children can enjoy numerous animations and festivals.
  6. Water Attractions – for real “seadogs” on the open sea, as well as for sailing and windsurfing enthusiasts, up to family trips by boat or water bike. Interestingly, surfers become more popular, catching the breaking waves of the Baltic Sea.
  7. Active Holidays – in addition to water attractions, active tourism is the strongest side of Northern Kashubia, a great network of cycling paths with the most popular route along the Gulf to Hel itself. Parents who want more adrenaline will also find paragliding flights and even parachute jumps from 9000 m.
  8. Vicinity Of Tri-City – water tram trip to Gdansk, Gdynia or Sopot will be a great attraction, and selection of other forms of entertainment waiting for the place will satisfy the most demanding tourists. It is also worth discovering the surrounding towns, such as Gniewino or Wejherowo, which have a lot to offer not only to the youngest, and you can travel to them avoiding the main routes.
  9. Easy Access – thanks to A1 motorway, it is possible to get to the Baltic Sea quickly and, what is most important, safely from many regions of Poland. Nevertheless, the journey with the child should be properly planned, so as not to stand in traffic jams at the “gates” or to get to the places around the peninsula. Arriving on a Saturday morning and leaving on a Sunday afternoon are not the best ideas. It is also worth checking the alternative routes.
  10. Developed Accommodation Base – from campsites and accommodation, through apartments, to good quality guest houses and hotels. While the number of places on the Peninsula is limited, Władysławowo already has one of the largest accommodation bases on the Baltic Sea. With younger children, it is worth taking advantage of pre-seasonal and post-seasonal promotions, as well as choosing accommodation in quiet districts away from the entertainment city centre.